What Is Product Hunt Analytics? How To Get On Product Hunt?

If you are a first-time entrepreneur you must have heard of Product Hunt. This is a community-based website allowing marketers to launch their services or products and interact with real users. Product Hunt analytics will kick-start your business with honest and unbiased reviews which are crucial in the initial campaign stages. Since this service is free it is hugely popular amongst startups.

Product Hunt analytics helps those working to develop products to get in touch with people eager to test new products that have just been launched. You will see that many makers are usually keen to test their products and the early supporters who test it can offer valuable feedback concerning the product’s functions and features. So, Product Hunt is nothing but a curated list of the newest products every day; so, you can be updated with the latest sites, apps, or technology.

How To Get Featured On Product Hunt:

When you can get featured on this platform you can be certain of getting more visitors to your website, higher revenues, new business opportunities and partnerships, and features on leading tech sites like Business Insider or Tech Crunch. But, you need to understand that this is a community consisting of tech fanatics; so, if you wish to make a splash, you need to know how this works before your product launch. Most importantly, launching your new product here does not guarantee success; you have to put in effort to make this launch successful.

  • To post a new product you must first sign up. You will not have to look for influencers because the community will up vote products which they like or think are useful.
  • You must add your company website as a primary link and provide links to Google Play or App Store so that people can download the product. Many developers of trading software like bitcoin superstar have already added their products to Google Play or App Store and now many people are downloading them to use for their trading requirements. Bitcoin Superstar is an automated trading robot that makes trading much easier and more convenient for traders. To know more about the Bitcoin superstar, try visiting https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-superstar/
  • The product should have a title, a tagline describing it within 60 characters, a thumbnail for visual description, and a gallery to showcase your product. You can upload 2 assets; for instance, a video or YouTube link that is displayed first and preferably an image which can be tweeted.
  • You should include a brief description which shows in gallery images to offer users some more information about the product. You must not select more than 3-4 topics for a description.
  • It may be a good idea to include the names of everyone who has worked on this product; that way they can be a part of the conversation as well as get acknowledged for their work.
  • It is advisable to add links online relating to your product; for instance, articles on Medium, news publications, product reviews, etc can inform people about your brand and product.
  • You must introduce yourself and the team and state the problem that you intend to solve. It is important to build a narrative which allows people to relate to you.
  • Finally, you need to add your company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc profiles to the post.
  • When you are all set to launch the post you can choose “Launch Now” option; if you wish for it to go live after some days, you may choose a rescheduling option.
  • Due to the recent boom in cryptocurrencies, many software related to cryptocurrency were also released in product hunt. A few crypto bots made good money for its buyers. Bitcoin lifestyle is one such bot which made huge profits for its users by trading cryptocurrency on autopilot. Have a look at https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-lifestyle/ that explains how Bitcoin Lifestyle app works and some analytics report about the app. The bots like Bitcoin Lifestyle are becoming very popular among young crypto investors. There was a test conducted on Bitcoin Lifestyle to know if it really works. After the buyer makes the deposit, the bot automates the trade and lets the trader sit back and relax. Such analytics help traders to decide fast.

Before launching a product on this platform, it is important to generate interest amongst viewers. You must never underestimate the power of investors and fans. You can reach out to different influencers on the platform too to build relationships with them before a launch. Timing of the launch is critical as this will have the biggest impact on your product.